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The Unique Feel

written by: Sylvia Frances Chan



Is there anything in nature
so unique you’ve ever seen?

I don’t know, I’m not from
this planet, alien exploring
and overlooking the edge
a mesmerizing sight.

Free, fresh and freedom at the fullest
watch, think and touch
created art, poetry and the milky way
that much!

Wandering upon the open seas
walking on a rainbow lawn
the sun is setting
feel his warmth on your skin
love is blowing in, undiscerned….

Sylvia Frances Chan

Sylvia Frances Chan

Mum of three sons, lecturer, essay writer, critic, paintress (impressionism), designer of online cards, cartoonist. Other poems published in websites as Kalaage, The Literary Yard, Poemhunter, Hello Poetry, Allpoetry, Poetry.Com (editor Judy Lynn), MyPoeticSide. Annual Reunion Trisakti University in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she declamates her own poems. She graduated in the Engl. Language-and-Literature. Born In Jakarta, she resides now in the Netherlands, where she enjoys walking, breathing the free air and creating poems under the deep blue sky....
Emeralds Green, a Poem Book by Xlibris.Press, UK.
Who's Who in Poetry International (Vol II) an Anthology by Judy Lynn, Cal. USA.
Sylvia Frances Chan

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