Meditation Meltdown by Genie Nakano at

Meditation Meltdown

Meditation Meltdown

written by: Genie Nakano



melting down
the yellow chakra
I care
less and less
for what’s out there

just want to
touch those states of bliss
let them drip
through my fingers
then move on to…

  right now
in and out
on the moment

drop the jaw
lift the chin

   catch me
as I
circle the sun
free falls

Genie Nakano

Genie Nakano

Writing tanka is my passion, joy, therapy and confession. My tanka appear in the Rafu Shimpo, a Japanese American International Journal and many Tanka Journals. Currently I teach Yoga and Zumba at the Japanese Cultural Center in Gardena and have a website: GenieNakano.
Genie Nakano

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