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written by: Sylvia Frances Chan



A lifetime
So be over
where yesterday was the green of spring
shows an exemplary
now only rewarded with mockery
where the waterfall clashes
now heavy rainfall splashes
the worst thunderfalls
this is truly pure nature’s all
today these gray clouds
as darkest as the sky

I can imagine
how Plath came to her end
she was in the coldest winter of the year
both inside and outside
the green meadows of her art life
forever etched by one man

I still can handle this deadly world
with ominous pains
the cruelest color mix

The green has become brown
try with red
mixed with green
yes, I can face this miserable world
did not lose one tear

A thought dead sister
in life, she is a real villain
she came back with strong bloody body
I wrapped her in my clothes
ever her dagger on my back
I evaded it
how bad, how rough, how unfortunate
my love makes everyone have fun
wrong lines will be again right
To this extent, I will die in vain
since I have died
and then born again
unfortunately, she was born in
her brain with a hidden twist
surrounded with so much love and bliss
she had not lost it yet
constantly repenting
to my address
as oft as I can,
to the Lord, I pledge fiery
for her well being
her constant reproach
she will not lose it
oh dear Lord, please forgive

Thinking of the loveliest words
too unlikely to believe them
nevertheless, promises always came
mixed with great accusations
of long forlorn eras
Lord, oh Lord, what shall I do?
lose my time and temper
or give just another kiss pure
with mine other cheeks, not the blender

That dagger, still on my back
I’m not eluding, neither in flight
by mine love, it does not hurt anymore
each time I laid all things at the Lord’s feet
man proposes, but God disposes
that’s the law of Medes and Persians
you can read that in all verses
AMEN is just mine last humble word
I’m sure God will, He heard….

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