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The War Within

written by: Sharona Reeves


Tainted soldier
Heart waged in war
Rich in strength
Ultimately poor
Stricken with hate and words of the bitter
Bewildered in a lonely world
Lives lost thanks to government demise
Ran from the truth
Caught in a web of lies
Burdened with guilt of decisions not in our control
Bearing the load of past stories untold
Ancestoral ways with no rhyme or reason
History repeating itself
A curse in our time
Emotions driven by one's pride
Lost control
Ego in plain sight
Eyes filled with envy rather than light
No good deed left unpunished
No true criminal caught by the hands of justice
Only those found guilty to meet a state quota
Use your mind to turn back time bring to light what was left behind
People you meet are lost souls you see
The weary The weak The Powers that be
All tainted soldiers - Products of society
Instruments of experiment living a manipulated reality

Sharona Reeves

Sharona Reeves

Sharona Reeves is a free verse lyrical writer who began writing poems and short stories as a child. She was born in Tampa, raised in Memphis. Sharona has explored performing arts, studied creative writing, journalism, psychology and is an aspiring novelist.
Sharona Reeves

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