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The World Watched

The World Watched

written by: Glo Curl


The world watched, riveted, that day
A breaching of the hallowed site
Contempt and gall amidst the fray
While muted sway inflamed the fight

It started one November night
Declaring votes had gone astray
Unwillingness to see the light.
The world watched, riveted. That day

And afterwards he’d quietly play
Some golf. Not much there to write
About and did he ever say
‘A breaching of the hallowed site’?

Yet this belief that he was right
Ensured they wouldn’t stay away
He whipped them up to march with spite,
Contempt and gall amidst the fray

The eager crowd went on their way
His words succeeding to ignite
Each one with fire to disobey
While muted sway inflamed the fight

They broke the barricades to blight
The inner sanctum. Five did pay.
Amongst the dead, a cop. The White
House staff, in shock, began to pray.
The world watched



Three years ago on January 6 the world watched in disbelief and dismay as the seat of US democracy, Capitol Hill, was invaded by pro-Trump rioters. Politicians, personnel, and security officers feared for their lives; five people died.
I wrote this poem in the days following the riot. It is in the form of a Rondeau Redoublé.

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