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Those Words

Those Words

written by: Brian Wayne Smith



One of the biggest reasons I’ve pushed myself to where I am today. Was because of

how I was raised. Single mother home, tons of family members to stay on me,

but at the end of the day it was mom and I.  Wanting to make my mother proud

has been a huge drive for me. I wanted to hear it from her. Without her feeling

obligated to tell me.

Well last night mom called me. The first words out of her mouth were

“Brian, this is your mother.”

Followed up with some questions and answers she had for me. Within 10

minutes of being on the phone I heard these words

“I’m proud of you.”

I’m 35 years old, to hear these words….

(Pay close attention to what I say next)

…and actually believing them now, made me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

My mother has told me many of times she’s proud of me. This time, when she

randomly called to tell me, it finally hit home. She has always been proud of me.

She just wanted me to do better than she did in many different areas of life.

We talked on the phone for hours. As she talked it made me emotional. Yes I’m

her only baby but she does view me as a man that is taking care of his family.

I’m beginning to think God is trying to tell me something; because

too many important people in my life are breaking down walls that I had built into skyscrapers.

Brian Wayne Smith

Brian Wayne Smith

Published author that writes free verse, prose, poetry, research and most importantly from the heart. My writing has more of an urban point of view and style. Simply because I am an African American that have seen and experienced things that people of other cultures may never see. Though I'm hoping to share reading material that we all could respect and continue to be open minded about.

I'm a husband, father, business owner of BRAYNE, LLC, a clothing company that promotes positivity by way of fashion, a writer, a student and an electronic engineering test technician. Life is busy but I'm striving to live my dreams with my great family that I love deeply. There are times when I feel like a failure. Then I look at how many times I've fallen just to dust myself off and continue running the race. Now I can look around at my life and see that my "failures" were just locked doors that God wasn't ready to open yet.
Brian Wayne Smith

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