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Thoughts During A Morning Stroll

Thoughts During A Morning Stroll

written by: Mark Scheel


Something dead in the roadway lies
with splattered gut and gray-glazed eyes.

Furred or feathered, claw or nail,
with or without bushy tail,

what the species matters not.
Dead is dead. Rot is rot.

Something dead in the roadway lies;
the only mourners a swarm of flies.

And we being flesh shall share that end,
be it soon or around the bend—

be it in bed or some jungle muck,
struck by lightning or a passing truck.

The road of life may be curved or straight,
But its end for each is consigned to fate.

Mark Scheel

Mark Scheel

I was born on a farm in Kansas and attended Kansas University. After graduation I served overseas with the American Red Cross and later taught English at Emporia State University and was an info spec with the Johnson County Library. I belong to The Kansas Authors Club and The Writers Place and have served on the boards of directors with two literary magazines. I also was a prose editor for Kansas City Voices magazine. I'm now retired and write full time. My essays, short stories, poems and articles have appeared over a 40-year period in numerous periodicals. I blogged for several years on Scriggler and The Grant Journal and those posts were collected in a book. I have published six books to date representing every major genre. My work has won several literary awards and I'm represented by the Metamorphosis Literary Agency.
Mark Scheel

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