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Through The Fire

written by: Asher Bomse


Through the fire I shall go
Through the storms of life I will go
Through the pain I will push on
Out of the lion's den I will walk

I will survive
I will make it through everything
I will prove everyone wrong
I will be a living example

Through the pain I shall smile
Through the trials I will learn
Through everything, I will smile
Through the fire I will walk

Through the fire I will go
For I do not fear it like I once did
It does not scar me
Nor will it ever phase me like before

I am stronger than many think
I am more observant than many think
People underestimate me
People don’t truly know me

Through the fire I will go
Through everything I will survive
Through the pain I will endure
And through everything I will be happy

Asher Bomse

Asher Bomse

Trans man, lover of words, adventure seeker, peace talker, I love life now. I speak out rather than stay silent. I educate people. I help people. And I am always on the hunt to be a better person.
Asher Bomse

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