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written by: Cindy Medina



Coveted Youth is in departure
there is no denying this is so.

Fond reminiscing and sad regrets
won’t turn back heartless Time.

Relentless in its cruel march
Time waits for no one – not ever.

Memories caught up fly about
in Time’s swift perpetual motion.

Implacable Time, I have begun
truly feeling your dread weight.

An oppression within bone’s marrow
a now-oft frown behind these lips.

How you – merciless Foe! – seek
to stifle and crush and cripple.

Time’s blindly brutal machinations
destroys lovers and breeds vices.

Makes those faint of purpose to
reek of sad gnawing desperation.

What few stalwart hearty souls
bravely endure Time’s rude onslaught!

I would dare to ask remorseless Time
pause and allow Youth a kiss goodbye.

Yet that very moment is also now gone
— snatched away by our Foe, Time.

‘It takes two to Tango’ the old saying
Time and Death, certain grim partners!

So farewell to cherished Youth, adieu;
and screw well-worn sighing cliches.

They were right.
It’s gone too soon.

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