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Ferdinando Ferrazzi

Time Flies

Time Flies

written by: Shalini Kathuria Narang



Why is forgive,
The most difficult give?

Forgiveness is not to forget,
But to move beyond anger, anguish and regret.

True pardon takes effort and time,
It’s not easy to fully emerge above all situational grime.
But one learns in time,
Forgiveness is not for others, but self-preservation in prime.

Is it possible to forgive all?
Don’t we live with remorses-big and small.
Regrets and sorrows are part of life on our ball,
But, we can keep the pile small if at all.

Give and take in human relations are the desired concept,
Yet, not all connections survive or thrive on this percept,
Not necessarily where we give is from where we will get,
Emotions and relations flow in random aspect.

Like some situations far exceed our expectations,
And others fall way short beyond wildest imagination,
All kinds make the world go round,
Slowly we learn with what, when and whom to surround.

Mutually fulfilling relations are an exquisite gift,
To be cherished and celebrated in life’s perpetual drift.

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