Together We Can, a poem by Kawsar Khalil at
Matthew Lejune

Together We Can

Together We Can

written by: Kawsar Khalil



Being a poet doesn’t mean
Speaking and writing everytime
About the hypothetical dreams
With aimless thought, awesome rhyme

Inherent duty of the one
Who belongs to this fraternity
That deception be undone
And no lexical jugglery

Nobody is allowed this prowess
To behave like a literary despot
Heal the cracks, not in duress
And divine water wash the smut

I live in a land where people do
Exist in flesh and bones
They eat and wear like all do
Why under my ribs Mr Agile moans

Come all of us hold the placard
As if on the horizon a sweet rainbow
And keep it always on the record
To win the race be steady and slow

Together we can beat the beast
Together we can stand afresh
Together we can deal for peace
Together we can seize the unrest.

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