Road To Nowhere, a poem by K. RADHAKRISHNAN at
Jake Weirick

Road To Nowhere

Road To Nowhere

written by: K. RADHAKRISHNAN


Wandering away from worlds somewhere,
Heading towards destination ‘nowhere’,
I discovered places but lost myself,
Locked up in my own mind’s shelf.

To nowhere in an endless dark passage,
On the way wantonly got stuck in maze,
Heading to nowhere but passing milestones,
Unending journey undertaken alone.

Reached nowhere but ran in all directions,
Mind’s directions ended up in deceptions,
Static from “where I was” to “where I am”,
Everywhere, but nowhere in life’s game.

Hanging in “nowhere” between galaxies,
Not hell or heaven, dangled at zero-gravity,
Nowhere, then to nowhere, again to nowhere,
‘Dead walking’ nowhere and everywhere.

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