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Flinders Field

Flinders Field

written by: hedgehog


I’m sat here in my study a dream has come to me
To plough and sow a field of wheat as it used to be
Cornflowers with their blooms so blue were scattered all around
Wild flowers not seen here for years are springing from the ground

I’d bought this field in January, so barren and so bare
If I can bring it back to life to then support the Hare
The whole field looked so empty, no Mole hills could I see
That means a lack of earthworms, to do the job for me

Twelfth night has come and gone, Plough Monday comes around
It’s far too cold to hitch the plough ’til Candlemas is crowned
I tell my wife in days gone by they knew the time had come
They’d drop their trousers to the ground and test it with their bum

When I was just a child so young my Father taught me how
To hitch the team in such a way for them the fields to plough
Shire horses Acer and Acorn were bred for such a day
To pull the plough ’til all is done and harrow then I pray

The day has come the wheat to sow by using the seed fiddle
Wildflower seeds I sow by hand by standing in the middle
Two weeks I leave ’til I come back to see what shoots are there
Green sprouts of wheat and wildflower and then I see the Hare

May blossom and Blackthorns bloom have fallen to the ground
Nests built in the hedgerow and nowhere else around
Goldfinch, Chaffinch and Song Thrush all have settled here
My field of wheat and wildflower has now attracted deer

Time moves on the wheat grows tall with flowers in between
By June the wheat’s at sceptre stage with stalks of emerald green
The whole field has just come alive with Voles and Bees galore
Berries, Sloe and hedgerow fruits the Blackbirds winter store

A manuscript of stained glass blooms with toads amongst the stems
This barren field has come alive with Crickets, Flies and other gems
August sun brings harvest time to sheaf and stack and bind
Within this field the noise we make moves all that hide aside

The Mice and Hares move quickly on and all the Rabbits lay
They lay so still they’re hard to see to frighten them away
I miss a few there on the ground the cutter kills them quickly
Jackdaw, Crow and Buzzards come and they devour them swiftly

I’ve ploughed my field I’ve grown my wheat I’ve let it turn to grass
My dream took time for it to grow and finally come to pass
Cornflowers with their blooms so blue are scattered all around
Wild flowers not seen here for years have sprung up from the ground

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