Tribute To An Unknown Soldier, a poem by Yemi Alabi at

Tribute To An Unknown Soldier

Tribute To An Unknown Soldier

written by: Yemi Alabi


This kiss could be the last
This hug could never last
A heart divided alas
For country or family tasks

From family and friends
He steps away
Whole; body, mind, and soul
To fight for them against their foes

He knows deep within
He could lose a limb even within
Yet he takes on the worst
The worst the devil ever bore

His steps are bold like those of old
To take on wolves daring the fold
The days and nights are long and slow
But for God and country, he takes no bow

Victorious or not
He returns to the fold
To love those he calls his own
But his mind and soul still got the wolves

Trauma and depression suffocate him
Demons of the night plague him
He has lost his way with joy and love
He won the battle but lost it all

For God and country, he was told
To give his heart, life, or soul
But on returning to the fold
He was an empty body, mind, and soul

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