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The Centre of My Universe

The Centre of My Universe

written by: Jane Bradshaw


One dream, one wish, an eternity of shooting stars, plucked from the sky.
What I wouldn’t give to see your smile again, to hold you in my arms.
To smell the scent, the scent of you, that only you had.
The years of memories, laughter, early mornings, late nights, spilled milk, dirty dishes in the sink, clothes strewn on your floor.
The silly arguments about coming home too late, not answering my texts, or forgetting to call me for weeks at a time.
The pride when you found your niche, a degree you loved, a tiny cupboard of a room to live in, friends that ‘got’ you.
What I wouldn’t give, for one single second, minute, hour, day, week, month, or year with you.
Forever tattooed in my heart, engraved on my soul.
I love you to the beyond and back.
And back again.



N.B. Written in my mind and heart for a friend 🙂

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