Twilight Market, a poem written by Charlie Bottle at

Twilight Market

Twilight Market

written by: Charlie Bottle



I am the worthless one anna coin,
that you lost without ever missing me,
while the hawker weighed and measured the lust
that you purchased at a cost, in higher currency.
Time’s dust embraced me and secured me,
from intrinsic smelting greed,
that converts true value into tchotchkes.

It is my shawl of decency you snatched at twilight,
trailed it and dropped it in the dust,
when with a turning heart you left,
your path straying away from my door,
away from my unfailing love,
and embraced naked Selfish Greed,
while pandering Hatred with Fear,
and hawking material lusts in twilight’s markets.

Rediscovered, recovered, now a polished coin,
My rarity has made me valuable.
More than your intrinsic greed,
which infused your bones with apathy,
the stolen, tattered shawl of decency will not warm,
nor the twilight market’s wealth cling,
nor greed, nor fear, warm your wintering bones.

You cling to the dust, collecting shiny rocks,
though they call you to come home,
You call back, “No! I want to play some more”,
it is twilight, the night will soon be here,
the doors will close and all will soon lie in bed,
lost in thought, examining the day and weighing,
the love that they received, gave and shared.

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