Who Am I, a poem written by Sheri M. Stewart at Spillwords.com
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Who Am I

Who Am I

written by: Sheri M. Stewart


I am shifting poetic fractures
patterns random, chaotic, cracked
ever changing, drifting bits
captured the moment they’re intact.

Emotions like pieces of crayon
leftovers of child’s play
melted into prismatic puddles
cooled to harden where they lay.

I am a kaleidoscope of colors
shifting at barrel’s turn
perceive my inner beauty
as you hold me to what burns.

My smoke is drifting on the wind
dancing upon the skies
seeping from pained ruins
refusing to speak in lies.

I am a multitude of random moments
flowing constantly through time
tied together with silken string
softly fraying against what binds.

We are not so different, you and I
life and trials can break us all
yet I refuse to die like autumn leaves
crunched beneath our feet each fall.

I can not be so easily hidden
in rivers of numbing humanity
I dare to raise a defiant cry
of screaming intense insanity.

No I won’t skim across life’s surface
fearing the pressures down deep
I have to risk plunging under
to find the treasure I seek.

I am expression, through a river of ink
and my pen dips deep and true
my words flow across a silent page
screaming to be felt by you.

Let me touch you where you are
my words like fingers slide
so expression breaks the iron chains
and our hearts can take flight and glide.

Who I am may never be clear
though my colors are vivid and wild
quite simply I am a poet dear
and I am expressions child.

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