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written by: Alyssa Gwen



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Subject: The farthest distance

Here I’m in this city
and you are
In an opposite side of where
I can’t reach
The farthest distance in the world is
I miss you
I don’t come see you

Your phone number is still there
with some digits missing
The farthest distance in the world is
I want to hear your voice
but will never press the call button

And then
the most painful decision is
To get you out of my mind
And I-
continue to move forward
without you



When you think you have forgot some one, but actually you’re not, that’s one kind of saddest distance  in the world.

Alyssa Gwen

Alyssa Gwen

No complicated or difficult vocabulary in my works, but the feelings are real.
Love fashion & luxury, great food, music, illustration art works and literature, can't get enough learning from life.
Alyssa Gwen

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