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Alessandro Armignacco

War and Peace

War and Peace

written by: Adnan Shafi (Adi)


War has horses sniffing riot
Nothing gentle about the war
Fully bad in all, still a tinge on

Napoleon makes the terrific
In many of Tolstoy’s readers
Everything tells us the same
from Waterloo to Omdurman,
from Pickett’s Charge to the
Battle of Mars La Tours –

A howl goes up from the men
A deafening pounding of gushes
breaks the lull
Huge line of horses start
running straight
Dust and earth rise up behind

Each feud for every inch of advantage
So war is often vulgar as it is

A machine gun; new modern
Men, horses, and the
din of slugs
Then, the fields are littered
with dead soldiers and horses
It is the lethal picture
of any war, you may
ever know

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