Dreaming I'm Only Dreaming, a poem by Alan Bedworth at Spillwords.com
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Dreaming I’m Only Dreaming

Dreaming I’m Only Dreaming

written by: Alan Bedworth



Dreamy sequences filling your mind.
totally distracting as you try to work.
Yet these images won’t let you be,
so eventually you succumb to these dreams.

Immediately you’re transported to nirvana,
you’ve never seen, only read about.
The beauty is overwhelming looking around,
You pinch yourself to make sure it’s real.

As you step forward,
your feet leave the ground.
The woods and waterfalls make
you believe fairies are alive.

Slowly you lowered back to the floor.
Your senses absorb what’s all around.
The birds that sing and fly on your hand.
The animals that just stare and stand.

A dark cloud appears from nowhere.
“Where’s it from” you say out loud.
At this moment thunder echoes around.
That nirvana disappears,
sadly work is the norm.

Alan Bedworth

Alan Bedworth

My name is Alan Bedworth, I'm retired and 65 years old. I live in Knottingley, West Yorkshire, England. I've been writing for 2 and a half years. My interest in writing came about through my having singing lessons at a music studios, where my singing coach and her partner happened to ask if I had written any poetry or songs. So I thought I'd have a go and wrote my first song and with the help of Georgina my vocal coach and her partner Simon Wilby, they produced a song for me entitled 'A Funny Song', which is on Youtube on my own channel Alan Bedworth. I've never stopped writing from that day. I've been submitting poems for publication since February this year with a little bit of success. I've had my work published in the Trouvaille Review, Open Door Magazine twice, Ambrose Literary Garland, the Pangolin Review, and the Rhodora Magazine are publishing my work in July's edition. My interests are watching Rugby League, writing and the outdoors.
Alan Bedworth

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