Watching You Sleep, a poem by Jenny Middleton at
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Watching You Sleep

Watching You Sleep

written by: Jenny Middleton


Sometimes I watch you sleep,
Your mind deserted of day

And its immutable rationales
Your eye lashes jolting

As if a strobed, dazzling electricity
Were fused and wired inside

To some apex of mind buzzing
With strange sorrows and unseen

Journeys, opening only
In sleep as memories

That jangle and fight at sleep’s
Quiet bond of darkness and rest.

The hot, feathered duvet
Twists around your long limbs

As if quarrelling with repose
And webbing you amongst

Its tangle and I wish you the world’s
Drowsy violets, sweet with shade

And full of night borne remedies
To calm the agitation

Of the day and soothe with loose
blooms the shuffling stack of routine;

the trails and concoctions
of all those tomorrows.

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