Weak, a poem written by Eric Danhoff at Spillwords.com



written by: Eric Danhoff



I was supposed to be strong today but I can’t
The weight on this mind
Is too heavy right now
To keep from cursing those nearest to the stone
The mouth is bitter with words
I told you I was better than
With all I’ve forgiven of you
Still so much unsettled in me
Memory is too good to not replay
The record of our better moments
When we hate each other
Forget our progress
And choose venom
I cannot be what I promised
Maybe tomorrow
The sickness will be buried
Under the pain of hands clasped so tight
The bones ache
But for now
Dedicate every minute of the day
To easy outs
Familiar demons
To disrespect
Fatigue is strong
Ask for forgiveness
Maybe tomorrow
I won’t sit in corners
Crafting theories for my every misfortune
Ignoring every mirror in this house
Eyes do nothing now but seed doubt
When I need this anger the most
To put these words down somewhere
A record of my worst moments
Will gain another page
In the book of another man
Too sick of himself
Maybe I will put down the stone
And choose to carry my women
Place them higher on the mountain
Than they were before

Maybe tomorrow
But today, I am weak

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