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written by: Kashiana Singh


Whites afloat with momentous ballet moves. Screeching sounds of freedom songs. Salty wings frolic into a magical loop. Ordinary, alone I look and walk along. With life force seagulls chase those freckled waves. Under a lusty sky, watched by anticipating windows. Time settles at the bay, and I poke at worms crawling into graves. Sea shells laugh at the modest web-footed flamingo. Gazing intimately at the motions of these birds of grace nudges me to,

empty my heart
to the rage in my veins
stinging open wounds

Seagulls are exquisite and bring home truths. Dreaming of them rinses every damp tear. Each crumb of heart settles into a silent truce. Soaring wings destined to be in dreams elsewhere, another time.

seagulls fly from chaos
tracing conversations with
crumbs of stillness

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