What did you want to be, Raymond K. Hessel? a poem by Christian Deery at Spillwords.com

What did you want to be, Raymond K. Hessel?

What did you want to be, Raymond K. Hessel?

written by: Christian Deery


What use are diamonds
In the face of violence?
Or Indian gold
When you’re caught in the cold?
You turned your nose up
At that Christmas coal.
Sat in the shade of a money tree
Morals replaced by the monetary
That in Autumn leaves you solitary.

In too deep like Sum 41
If I took a bullet, shot you punk?
If I Just do it. Would you run?
Cuz you cannot outrun a gun.
Even in those air force ones.

You look quite fly to the untrained eye
But we can’t fly, you and I
But full with pride you can fall from high
It’s dog eat dog, and you got no bite.
But a massive mouth full of shite
You kinda suit that ’Off-White.’
And man those shoes are nice
But No fucking fuse to ignite
You’re all bitch. No fight
Adapt or die in ur new size nines.
Oh so polite in the dead of night.
When your lie of a life is on the line

Feel these words like braille
Open the blinds and lift the veil
To the blinding light of real life
You live in a jaded jail
When did your brain fill with pain
Why did you play this losing game
The time has come to stay the same
Or take this lesson, restart the game
Who would you be if you weren’t afraid?

‘I want to be a writer.’
‘Then fucking write.’
Because life is the flash of a firefly

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