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What You Do

written by: Deborah Joan Jones


Look around, who do you know who truly has it all?
Watch that person you admire, he has his own downfall
That perfect couple, perfect life, you don’t see what they fight
The ones you think are sailing through, have their own hidden plight
You really think there is a world where everything is fine?
Where no one has to fight, some life blessed more than yours and mine?
You’re wrong, that is the truth, we have to work for stellar dreams
And all of us know only what to each of us that means
You think that god has favored those who he chooses to bless
But you don’t see them working hard while you are working less
You look at others jealously, at all that they have won
While fighting back your failures, all those things you’ve never done
Stop thinking that you’re injured, how unfair it’s been to you
The magic of success in life comes down to what you do.

Deborah Joan Jones

Deborah Joan Jones

Deborah Joan Jones is one of eight children. Born to an Irish mother and English father, she grew up between the bustling pace of city life in the south of England, and the long summers she enjoyed with her family in Dublin, Ireland, relishing in the freedom of the great outdoors at the holiday home built by her grandfather, in the idyllic seaside settlement of Portrane. Having learned to read and write by just three years old, and with a strong love for literature, she began writing poetry at an early age, progressing to writing songs by her fourteenth year. Not only a prolific writer of poetry and prose, she is also a painter, composer, actress, classically trained vocalist, and lead singer of Texas based rock band, Stealing Wishes. Having split her time between London, UK and Texas, USA, concentrating mainly on music and songwriting, her diverse interest in the many artistic platforms she creates upon has led her once more back to writing. This year she looks forward to the planning of the release of her fiction novel, ‘The Parted’, a story of identical twins separated at birth and the parallel journey of their lives, along with her first book of poetry, and a young adult fiction storybook in rhyme. She now lives in the USA with her husband and children and enjoys continuing to create, drawing from the experience gained living in the arms of the three countries she considers home.
Deborah Joan Jones

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