Wheelchair, poetry by Daniel Day at Spillwords.com
Igor Rodrigues



written by: Daniel Day


Metal, rubber, circular legs
roll me to and fro,
Excrement on strangers’ streets
clings to misshapen toes,
Words, homeless, abandoned
in my brain dribble and splutter
from this orator’s grave.
A vocabulary of grunts and sighs

now a shout – where once
sweet eloquence reigned.
Oh, deformity, deformity,
how well you craft my pain.
Unyielding doors, unyielding minds,
unyielding passers by,
casting a detached,
short-lived looks at me
and hurriedly go by
on unyielding foot paths.
Unyielding wills that
consign me to this fate,
A citizen in a deformed land.
Look into my eyes
and tell me what you see.
Your fear that says never,
never let that be me.
Look into my eyes
from way up there
and tell me what you see.
For to truly look into my eyes
you must be on your knees,
Look, then, into my eyes
and you’ll see a reflection
of beauty that lives within me.

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