When A Good Lover Dies, poetry by Glorious Kate Akpegah at Spillwords.com
Diana Simumpande

When A Good Lover Dies

When A Good Lover Dies

written by: Glorious Kate Akpegah


That night, I went out to look for you,
not in the park where a flame of rare affection was ignited between us,
not in the cathedral where we sealed that affection with divine glue,
not even in the habitation that has fervently listened to
the warble of our bodily renditions on repeat
but amongst the twinkling tiny grains of the night sky.

For someone with energy that radiated love so recklessly,
They said you’ll shine with the aggression of the midday sun.
but that night, the sky was barren and the moon stood solo like
an old lady deprived of the company of her many children.

Were they wrong to say that you’ll shine and shine even with radiance?
Was I crazy to believe them?
That sky was barren and that moon was sad
but they weren’t wrong and I wasn’t careless to lose my mind.

Now I hear that whenever a good lover clears off this aura of mortality,
they ascend the firmament and the other stars escort them to a higher
constellation of gloriousness while the moon stays in the vast emptiness of
the sky to grieve with the earth over her loss.

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