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Who's There?

written by: Diane Leopard



I stand and I stare
Lip hair, grey hair and wrinkles
Who’s that in the mirror
Looking back at me.

I stand and I stare,
The eyes are familiar
Smile, gentle and kind,
It must be my Grandma,
Or even my mum.

I stand and I stare,
But, that’s not my Grannie
Not even my mum
Is that the lady
I have become?.

I stand and I stare,
But now I can see
Life lines, not wrinkles,
Hair silver not grey,
All of a sudden I recognise me!!!

Diane Leopard

Diane Leopard

I am 50 something and 'YOU' is the first poem I have ever written. In 2013 I was devastated when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after my five year review I found myself reflecting on life and these words flowed from the heart. I now present poetry and a series of non-clinical photographs called 'Focus on Emotions' to help people understand the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis. I am also an award winning complementary therapist, keen photographer and write as a guest blogger.
Diane Leopard

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