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Echoes of Hate

Echoes of Hate

written by: Sheila Henry


Nothing causes more fear

than staring into the angry faces of hate

not even LOVE can quell


Gunfire now a familiar echo

as HATE brandishes a gun
disrupting the mundane thoughts

of the day

take cover… drop to the floor!
He is barely a man in some cases
taking aim in the pew, in the classroom

wherever his angry mind directs him
his hunting ground everywhere
not temple nor church is sacred
cause there is no place he won’t go.


He sits in his room planning for days

cast down and lonely
building anger and rage fueled

by the voice of satan
in the darkness of his mind.

Soon the scent of fear will fill the air

mixed with the stench of the shooter’s rage
“a madman” they will call him after the fact
yet they made available the weaponry for his attack.


Covert hate lay sheepishly at the head
wickedly leaking out dog whistle calls to arm

for destruction against those people
you know the ones… wink,
whilst in the midst of angry shouts for divide

truth seekers throw their hands in the air

and look above for peace.

They clasp hands earnestly willing their God
to hear the desperate cries
for peace… please stop the hate!


When did we lose sight
that we are all connected

same color runs through your veins

as runs through the next person’s
regardless of race or creed

and LOVE is the glue that unites us?!

How can we love an entity we are unable to see

yet not love those we see before us

who are all made in the image of the same entity?!

If only we judged less
loved each other more

We can find peace on our own.


Stop the hate…


Nothing causes more fear

than staring into the angry faces of hate

not even LOVE can quell

Sheila Henry

Sheila Henry

OCTOBER 2020 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords Press
On Trinidad, the larger island of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is where Sheila was born. After a rewarding childhood, she migrated to the United States in the summer of 1969. Soon thereafter she became a Naturalized Citizen. Though she never took a Poetry class, her passion for poetry compelled her to a prolific self scholarship. Sheila resides in New Jersey where she spends her time enjoying her grandchildren and preparing her collection of poetry for publication. Sheila Henry’s writing style can best be categorized as Visual Poetry, blending emotion and vision into a poem or story of color. Her poems and short stories are featured at Spillwords Publications, Literary Yard, Sweetycat Press and other publications.
Sheila Henry

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