Contemplating Clouds, a poem written by Charlie Bottle at
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Contemplating Clouds

Contemplating Clouds

written by: Charlie Bottle



I watch calm clouds, eiderdowns of the skies,
borrow hues from the rising sun,
and in resplendent amber, gold, and red,
clothe the morning skies,
at dusk I watch as from the setting sun,
they borrow rose, champagne and tangerine,
and on turquoise skies, clouds clothed snow white,
as the rainbow shines bright through it,
I marvel at the beauty of condensed vapors,
that float in ever changing shapes of the day.

I admire the stars of night and their starlight,
condensates of stardust from aeons of dead stars,
with possibilities of planets as beautiful as our Earth,
I contemplate all the richness of minerals,
and richer smiles, kinder words, gentle touches,
and of the God who is so wealthy and spendthrift,
that he flung his wealth across universes to awe us.

I admire the dance of the trees in gentle breeze,
and my mind is drawn to the dance of universes,
the rhythm of swirling dust, stars, planets and moon,
and the fabric of dancing atoms and unseen particles,
whose swift continuous dance holds the universe together,
what need is there for church to worship him who loves us,
and has created a heaven even more magnificent than the universes.

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