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Moon And Silhouette

Moon and Silhouette

written by: Rando Mithlo



I wouldn’t say what I really want
Could’ve been a light powered on
That might have been wrong
Or like moths you’d feel drawn
I keep mum as others would say
It’s lost cause or cause for delay
But for this my dear
I could be ever in wait

I should’ve implied this much more
Send you a drift or say straight forth
Titanic would veer
Led on to this course
Here where I stir swirl in sweet
Brush back hair eyes glance at me
Curl lips that glisten
When your others don’t see

And if I’m close all you do is say
Climb through the window
And there you will lay
Dreaming eyes glittered
In stardust, I fade backlit
The moon and silhouette


©2016 Rando Mithlo

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