So Long Leonard written by Martin Brown at

So Long Leonard

So Long Leonard

written by: Martin Brown



I wrote a poem Leonard,
It’s the best that I can do
To try to tell the world the way I feel
‘Bout losing you.

Your poetry of sadness
Always made me feel alive.
Although there’ll be no more
We have sufficient to survive.

You helped me through the darkest hours.
You took me to a place
Where beauty met confusion,
In another time and space.

When I was at my lowest points
I shut myself away
With the words that helped me lose myself
And fight another day.

And if I felt euphoric
In the winter by the fire,
A cup of wine and “Hallelujah”
Took me even higher.

The sense of loss I’m feeling
Is far less than I feared.
I think I was prepared for it
As time it slowly neared.

My sadness is quite selfish
To know that there’s no more
But you are such a part of me
That there’s no closing door.

So thank you for the beauty,
The laughter and the tears.
Marianne is waiting
And now suddenly appears.

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