Winter Claus, a poem written by J.G. Millie at
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Winter Claus

Winter Claus

written by: J.G. Millie


Centuries ago:
winter was born
to Mr. and Mrs. Claus
prompting the first snowfall.

“A white Christmas”
mortal cheers
reached her young ears
as she slept peacefully.

Immortal in the North.
She dreams of expanding
her magic wide enough
to create a winter wonderland.

But her enemy
may never allow it.
You may have heard of him:
he goes by the name Jack Frost.

But no one knows
the truth behind his frost.
She saw him, and Papa
saved him from jumping off a roof.

Santa gave him
a similar gift to hers.
One of ice and frost.
But Jack froze her gift.

Years of war
ice and snow
can take its toll.

So, she gives up.
And stops making her
beloved snow, now frosted
over with his ice.

She awaits his frost’s arrival,
but without her snow,
winter as a season
ceases to exist.

She seeks him out
for, in her eyes,
he finally has
the world to frost.

But he’s wasting it,
by doing nothing,
and letting her
favorite season die.

But she learns:
he’s nothing without her.
For her ability to make it
cold enough to snow
is how he’s able to create his frost.

So, they bury the hatchet,
and work together
just in time for two dreamers
to create:

A winter wonderland
for the adults,
and ice rinks
for the kids.

And that’s the story
of how two dreamers
brought winter back to life
just in time for Christmas.

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