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Words Of A Rose

Words Of A Rose

written by: thePoeticpiper



‘She loves me, she loves me not’
He kept repeating the fluent words while stripping my leaves upon her
His heart smiled for the ‘loves me’, but became numb for the ‘loves me not’
For every ‘loves me not’ touch, I softened his heart as the words dissolved
Till the warmth between him and her was felt by my applaud

‘Let us lay between your beauties as we feel your heart speak in its beat’
My leaves landed upon her in pleasurable sonnets
‘Feel us as we not leak, for this intimacy is not to leap’
Their chorus formed a warm blanket of the nights cold session
As candle lights glowed upon every pleasurable landing

‘Have my pleasant aroma’, I say, ’as it may not last’
They danced in knotted tongues, chest upon chest, arms in arms, in moments not lost
Smiled as my leaves blossomed between their pleasurable heat
Shared intones in tear drops as I did not
I laid bare, sharing sonnets amongst candle lights

‘Is this presence forever together, or to fracture and rupture in little pieces’
‘Is this bond like every summer light and clear diamond night?’
‘If so, let me be in your heart with no other to replace this level of intimacy’
‘Let my sweet aroma be a rich atmosphere to calm your heart’
I levelled up the sonnets as he spoke out, for their intimacy was a no doubt

She calmly laid back in a scent full of sonnets of her soul
Lowering his passionate words of roses filled in a bath in the night shadow
They laid chest upon chest, arms in arms, in moments not lost
As their peaceful hearts sang in one tone knocking upon each other
For my sonnets painted intimacy like no other

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