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written by: Iqra Aslam


X ways to find this
Y tips to get that
Z things you need and want!
This is where I dwell
Where everyone
Wants, wants and needs

I am no different either
Have I ever claimed otherwise?
X ways to find contentment
Y tips on being happy
Z rules to lead a life of glory
I often try to find!

He had seemed different though
Only from afar

His browsing history revealed
The shallowness
Of the man
of my dreams
X ways to appear intelligent
Y books you must read
Z tips to leave a lasting first impression
Oh the depression
What a Pain in the back
Pathetic pseudointellectual!

Want want need!
Nom nom eat
Oh the never ending greed
I. me, mine
The disease of pride
Inglorious vainglory,
Vainglorious inglory

I made a vow
To live in this world
That is Driven by desire
A crumbling edifice
Of materialism
What a schism
The need
To rhyme
The itch
To stitch
A song
Of needs and wants
Till death do us apart

I made a vow
Didn’t I tell you already?
I will stay with you,
And you with me.
Oh, my dear needs and wants!

X needs Wants
Y wants Needs
Z has wants and needs

Let’s pluck the plants
And water the weeds

Wants breeds needs
Needs breeds wants

I want and need
Till death do us apart

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