The Rain Reigns written by Sona Wilae at

The Rain Reigns

The Rain Reigns

written by: Sona Wilae



harass an innocent child
giggles, shy smiles awhile
hidden in forbidden chest
of fanatical unrest.

harassed teen sowing seeds
of need as a wild child reviled
by dark secrets; infamous
of unfair lessons.

harass women of purpose
demanding acts by circus
masters recreating disasters
of premeditated fear.

harass my dreams, all
that I mean to me; now
impervious potential
to humankind…I find sweet
release to cease bastards
soaked in disdained rain.



I refused to be victimized twice, or over and over again. Though I battle chronic depression and sometimes worth, I am worth every breath I take. A living-conscious survivor.

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