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written by: Miroslava Panayotova


Then there was everything –
and midnight talks, and music,
and the fullness of the infinite.
Grass, smiles, pure storms,
Santana, Mozart and Beethoven,
favorite dogs and cats,
trust and two or three words,
calm and full moon.
We designed in the sky
our ignorant adoration of the whole.
We were always on our toes before the real thing
and we used to say “Wait!” to the impossible.
We really appreciated the complex
and we laughed at the schemes,
we did not recognize the dilemmas
and we thought: There is time.
But the clouds were building to laugh
and applaud our jokes.

Then everything was there,
but we thought it was small.
We were children and adults then.
And now we are grown children,
but there was no time left.

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