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You have reached The Abyss

(all soul-less persons welcome)

written by: Camille



Serene calmness of blue
Swallowed by the red of fury and
The blackness of desolation.
Layer upon layer of confusion,
Fear and despair.
Like falling down a well,
Cold and dark
Ancient, stony walls slick with algae.
A foothold an impossibility.
The sun's golden rays teasing
With their glorious fingers.
Far from me in my dark prison
That has become a madness.
A personal dungeon
Of the uncontrollable emotions
Tearing me slowly
A little each day.
Extinguishing the feeble flames
Of hope and reason.
Until I fear there will be nothing left.
My soul, heavy hearted in its final
Inevitable abandonment.
Renunciation of the shell
That was once a woman.



My writing feeds my soul.

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