You Still Fulfill, poetry by Nadjat Bettayeb at
Mahdi Bafande

You Still Fulfill

You Still Fulfill

written by: Nadjat Bettayeb



Within my heart you are, prophet Mohammed
I saw you serve Khadija’s friends
Reviving love over and over
Khadija is dead
But love you still remember
You still fulfill

You took off your outfit
You spread it, spread it for them to sit
Khadija has gone
But you still fulfill

When she knew of your good character
She hired you for her trade
You worth the trust
She did not hesitate
You still fulfill

She wanted you as husband
Her feelings, to a friend she did confide
Though she needed no man
In love, with you she fell
You still fulfill

The friend proposed her to you
She was older
As a wife, you accepted her though
Love knows no border
You did not say no
You still fulfill

When you first met Gabriel to receive God’s words
You felt frightened
You felt alone
Khadija was there to comfort
In her lap, you sought refuge
She never spared an effort
You still fulfill

She strengthened your heart
Your fear, your fear did depart
You still fulfill

She reminded you
God you never disgrace
You help the needy, you help the poor
With kinship you maintain ties
Guests you kindly serve
You never tell lies
You still fulfill

She was the first in you to believe
God had greeted, greeted her with peace
You still fulfill

When your people fought you
You had no father
You had no mother
In hard times, she was by your side
Of her, you always felt pride
She was there to serve
Your heart she did deserve
You still fulfill

When she died,
For her you heavily cried
You called that year the one of grief
She was a woman
A woman of strong belief
You still fulfill

God promised her paradise in her life
In Islam, she is a great woman
Together with Fatima Ezahra, the Virgin Mary
And Asiya, Pharaoh’s wife
You still fulfill

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