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An orphan and Christmas

written by: Inam Ullah


The cold breeze of winter,
Tries its best to break,
The rule of silence,
Over a desolated graveyard
The sun has accepted,
Its defeat at the hands,
Of legions of cold
And like broken tired warrior,
Is turning its back to battlefield

In the middle of a graveyard,
Beside a grave of a woman,
A child of thirteen
Is sitting alone
His Angel like face,
Like a wilted rose
In his wide pretty eyes,
Tears were floating
His dry scarlet lips,
Opened and started moving
The words came out of it,
Like birds from burning cage

O mother sweat mother,
I am sitting beside you
But still far away,
We are from each other
I cannot embrace you,
You cannot kiss my cheeks
You cannot hear my moaning
I cannot see your tears
Tomorrow is Christmas,
But the glees of it,
Will be even more painful
As you are not with me,
Every day for me is glooming.

Inam Ullah

Inam Ullah

My name is inamullah and I am a lawyer from Peshawar Pakistan, I am writing poetry for last one year.
Inam Ullah

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