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ZZ Top Trilogy

ZZ Top Trilogy

written by: Mark Staniforth



i. Fandango (1975)

do you remember wearing skintight pants
there on a crowded island?
Everybody in the whole cell block
spread like an eagle for you.


ii. Eliminator (1983)

I like the enchiladas
and her brand new low cut blouse:
She likes the art museum
and machine guns.


iii. Afterburner (1985)

I’ll shoot it to you straight:
I was lying there thinking about basketball.
It feels so right: when you reach the end
you do it over again.

Mark Staniforth

Mark Staniforth

Mark Staniforth lives in a small village in North Yorkshire, England. He has an MA in creative writing from Teesside University. His work has appeared in numerous places in the UK and the US.
Mark Staniforth

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