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25 Years

25 Years

written by: Chloe Gilholy



25 years of marriage
Even wearing bulky armour
And having a dash of moonlight
I’m always the runner-up

Mist beneath the smoky embers
Atomic number: 47
Toxic heavy metal
Sterling iron mountains

Baby hippos above
the pebbles handing out
Chinese imports

AG: French argent
Chemical element: German silber
Metal: Italian argento
Symphonic: Maltese fidda
Period element: Portuguese prata
Soft: Zulu esilva
Thermal: Filipino pilak
Reflective: Japanese gin
Antique: Indonesian perak

Celebrating and remembering
The death of the king
Childhood in 8-bit graphics
Quarter of a century
The pile of dimes cashed in
At the lustrous bank
25 years on the throne

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