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A Ballad

A Ballad

written by: J. Andrew Martinez


Of mountains, whistles about fishing for omens – whales, chroma, and the crescent killing smirk

Vox populi, changed tone merged leaven – au courant

Cloth tower breaks, moth bitten; vector, loaf sinister

Push aside crease_ brim new groove – nigh fulgor, aforesaid the cacophony – volume up prior to crickets; opening acts, attached to the hip

Remit doodad, banded contravene touch post

Verismilitude, speak where it might bring to, breathe proper at interval – nudge stone

Devoir the Philomath – berry picking, feed assembly

Jealousy amount in touching, wear tow nude; sheets grasp time eventual veneer

We hide under the blanket, clouds morass the entropy to a place that we’ll have a chance to align tenet

Scion, follow the works, and meet: the bending back, howl & hash, cup filled with rubbing alcohol, plaque teeth, Eumolpus’ bequest

Heed – the conductor of a moonlight dance.

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