A Child's Dream written by NNANE NTUBE at Spillwords.com

A Child’s Dream

A Child’s Dream

written by: NNANE NTUBE


Father Christmas,
I last saw your face in my dream
I saw you carrying little children on your laps
I saw you sharing gifts with them
I told my mother about you
She told me to stop dreaming

Father Christmas,
Was it you I saw sneaking into our house last night?
Was it you I saw planting gifts around our christmas tree?
Were you the one who played the music?
Were you the one who woke me up?

Father Christmas,
Is your face black?
Are you that tall?
Mother says you live in heaven
God too lives in heaven
Is He your brother?
Why have I never touched you?
You play with children in that little box mother kept in our house
Come out of there and play with me too.

Father Christmas,
I have passed my exams
I was the first in my class
Mother says if I pass, you will come
Come now and play with me too
You have played with the other children for long

Father Christmas,
I am waiting for you
Tell God to send his own gift to me.

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