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A conversation with depression

written by: Ameena k.g



Depression knocked on my door,
And I told it,
Have a seat,
It wasn't even dawn yet,
At least let me have a cup of coffee,
In peace, at least-
I said to my depression.

Depression knocked on my door,
And I welcomed it
With open arms,
We've been together
For so long now,
We might as well be friends,
Depression knocked and I welcomed it.

Depression knocked on my door,
And we had a one sided-
While the sky turned golden behind us,
I said-
You've had your stay
And I have entertained you,
Now- it's time to take your leave,
I said to my depression.

Depression knocked on my door,
Like an unwanted guest,
Which tends to overstay its welcome.
But the birds sung a melodious,
Tune In the background,
And I turned the door knob
To a lock,
With a passion I didn't think,
Existed within me,
I said to my depression-
We are done!

Ameena k.g

Ameena k.g

My name's Ameena... I'm a medical student and a self appointed mental health advocate; a black coffee drinker, a school lover, an obsessive thinker and a hearty laugher.

I love a good joke any day and Poetry is my passion.
Ameena k.g

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