A Dust (Disarray) a poem by Alphonso S Glagbo, Jr at Spillwords.com
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A Dust (Disarray)

A Dust (Disarray)

written by: Alphonso S Glagbo, Jr


Where was the sun
when darkness deprived me of light.
Sturdy I dreamed of being,
before waging for an antsy fight.
Unrefined it has made me
so I wouldn’t shine so bright.
And there’s only a question that
passed the range of my height.

Where was the mighty rice hull
when hunger troubled me and
there was nothing to eat.
Where was the abundance in nature
when my throat dried up with thirst
and ants became my meat.
Now I’m within this lost crowd
as the music of depression plays and I
dance to its beat.
And I need to ask this question
to get me out of this heat.

Since nature had failed me,
It was best I felt, to ask the master.
“Come to me all you with a heavy load and
I will give you rest”
I guess these are words written within
those holy scriptures.
Thinking that the church was the best place
to find answers,
till I got kicked out by those worthless ushers.
for wearing dirty clothes
by those worthless ushers.

I am lost again without a comfort
Who do I ask for an answer to this question
“Why me”

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