A Horrible Halloween, a poem by Ken Gosse at Spillwords.com
Tim Mossholder

A Horrible Halloween

A Horrible Halloween

written by: Ken Gosse


Stay safe, stay at home:
though tonight’s Halloween,
this year monsters roam—
deadly COVID-19.

Not dandy on candy,
they’ll trick every treat.
Modus operandi—
Find surface: Accrete.

They’ll spread ’cross the land
seeking passage within;
a face or a hand
the best place to begin.

Some will meet anti’s—
tough bodies which fight—
they’re tough vigilantes
designed for this blight,

but most will find welcome
and send you to bed.
Though many recover,
too few will be dead.

Don’t give an Rx
was advice by reflex,
an opinion obscene.

Lock doors, wear a mask,
for it’s not safe to greet
our traditional ask,
when kids yell, “Trick or Treat!”



The poem is a somber thought about preserving our tradition of Trick-or-Treating by skipping it in the frightening Year of the COVID.

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