A Late Summer Night's Dream, poetry by Sonia FL Leung at Spillwords.com

A Late Summer Night’s Dream

A Late Summer Night’s Dream

written by: Sonia FL Leung


Like ten thousand fireflies in the night sky,
you stood on the street,
waving your lit mobile phones.

From the island to the peninsula,
further inland and to Lion Rock’s top,
you lined and linked.

Transfixed, spellbound,
you held hands, bringing
feelings of generosity and love.

This state of wonder
lifted the fog of cynicism and

It encouraged engagement
and offered rays of hope
after pandemonium and violent clashes.

A culture of disappearance
on the cusp of a changing era.
The jars were broken, lost in the fight.

I pinned pictures of the fireflies
to the wall; they reminded me
of you when the rain started to fall.

I had a dream, a vision of you.
When I woke and looked out the window,
bright as dawn, ten thousand fireflies had carried you on.

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