A Place I belong! by Shruthi Shankel at Spillwords.com

A Place I Belong!

A Place I belong!

written by: Shruthi Shankel



My eyes fall upon you
And my smile winks
As the warmth of love
Makes its way to me
I blush and hush
Even after so long
You are my oldest
Yet so new, so fresh
In your arms
I find my home
In your words
I seek my love
I exist in the seconds
When u hold my hand
And take me beside
To let me free
In a place I belong!

Shruthi Shankel

Shruthi Shankel

I am a dreamer, a passionate writer, a simple girl who believes in living life to the fullest.
When the words come to me, fill me up to the brim, I write and let it out!
Shruthi Shankel

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