A Poet's Prayer, a poem written by Sue Marie St. Lee at Spillwords.com
Kelly Sikkema

A Poet’s Prayer

A Poet’s Prayer

written by: Sue Marie St. Lee


Forgive me, poor heart
the quest I encounter,
the tear-laden paths,
nights sleepless, forever.

If dreamers we are
and dreamers we die,
I have no recourse
but ask myself ‘why’.

The passionate waves
which push forth our pens,
ebbing and flowing
within hearts of men?

And what of the love,
our eloquent love
rendered from visions
God sent from above?

The hunger for life
from our guarded souls
requires we write
our Heavenly prose.

We cast out a light
on beauteous things
or rid the dark night
of perilous things.

When down lay our pens,
and death says it’s time,
our stories, our yens
will sleep without rhyme.

God bless the poets
as only You can
Write our last poem
with Your loving hand.

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